Tuesday Tip #5 The myth of I know my limit, I don’t push myself while spearfishing

Tuesday Tip #5 Addressing the myth of I don’t push myself, I know my limits while spearfishing and freediving. Most people that spearfish tell themselves this, which makes them think they are immunue to having any issues. This type of thinking is what leads to so many freediving fatalites in the sport. This 1 minute video was made to help address this and bring awareness to the issue. I wrote a column in spearing magazine on this subject, you can see the column as well as the videos of several blackouts @ https://immersionfreediving.com/blackout/

In the video I refrenced another video which you can view @ https://youtu.be/IiLrtghkg3U

The video footage of the 1st blackout was provided by my good friends Ren and Ashley from http://www.evolvefreediving.com They run top notch programs year rounod as well.


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Tuesday Tip #5 Myth of I know my limits I don’t push myself http://bit.ly/2vjG68s

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