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Immersion Freediving was founded in 2010 with the goal of offering the most comprehensive freediving courses on the market while teaching students to dive deeper, stay longer, and most importantly become safer. My approach is to take the skills that I have developed as a 279ft competitive free diver and modify those techniques so they are applicable to a recreational freediver or spearfisherman. I will fundamentally and permanently alter your approaching to free diving by showing you the Immersion way.

PFI Freediver Level 1

Max depth 66 feet. Average Student does a 2.5 – 3.5 minute breath hold. Average Student does a 60-foot freedive

PFI Intermediate Level 2

Max depth 132 feet. Average Student does a 4 – 5 minute breath hold. Average Student does a 100 foot freedive.

My online freediving courses.

I have several online freediving classes covering a variety of topics, three of the courses are free.

Private Freediving Courses

Immersion Freediving is happy to run private freediving private courses, training for individuals, and small groups.


Immersion Freediving was founded by Ted Harty in 2010. Ted has been full time instructor since 2005, and teaches freediving classes year round in Fort Lauderdale. When he’s not teaching freediving, Ted, Kathy & Sammy spend many hours cooking up amazing food one their 2 Big Green Eggs aptly named “Smokey & The Bandit”

What is provides professional level, life-saving freediving safety information from a trusted and reliable source for free.

The website provides an extremely thorough free online safety course that covers all the same information you would learn if you came to one of my in-person freediving classes.

You will learn the truth about blackout, how to recognize the signs for a loss of motor control and a blackout, how to save your buddy if they had a problem, how to find out if you are wearing too much weight, and how to implement safe freediving practices.

We are an innovator in online freediving courses.

Trouble equalizing your ears? I have an equalizing course – Road Map to Frenzel.

Want to hold your breath longer? Check out Breath Hold Secrets.

 Curious about how to train and improve your freediving? My 28-day Freediving Transformation will give you the 5 best dry-land freediving training exercises you can do at home.

Want to increase your bottom time? I have a free course on how to take down more fuel on every dive.

I have over 9 online freediving courses covereing a variety of topics, many of them are free. 


Ted Harty Awarded Dimitris Kollias Award

Sheri Daye pulled the wool over my eyes and had me on stage and speechless Sunday afternoon during the Blue Wild Expo when she awarded me the Dimitris Kollias award. For the past four years, Sheri has asked me to do a presentation on freediving safety at the Blue...

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