Stuck Equaling between 15-40?

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Are you tired of struggling to equalize your ears in the 15-40 ft range while freediving?

I even noticed it’s hard to equalize on the way down, but as soon as you turn your head up, it seems easy to equalize.

If so, I know exactly why you are having this problem

Watch this short video below to find out if you are using the proper method of equalizing.

If you find you are not using the correct method, don’t worry. I have an online course that teaches my step-by-step method, which I’ve used to fix over 1,000 students’ equalizing issues since 2011.

However, the Valsalva method results in difficulties when equalizing in depths below 20 feet. During descent, a freediver is head-down feet-up, forcing the air to “rise” away from where we need it. Also, the deeper we go, the smaller our lungs become.

That is why, for freediving, the Frenzel method is the much better equalization method. I have successfully switched over more than 300 students from Valsalva to Frenzel. I have many methods of teaching Frenzel techniques.

In your personal one-on-one Skype video session, I will tell you which method of equalization you are using. If you are using the wrong method, I will show you how to switch over to Frenzel. We can also discuss any problems certified freedivers are having equalizing at deeper depths.

These Skype video-equalizing training sessions run about an hour and cost $175.00

I now have the entire method that I teach during my skype session in the Road Map to Frenzel video series.  Its 13 videos with over 2 hours of content.  You can purchase the videos @ for $29.95

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