About Ted

Ted Harty begin his professional underwater career as a Scuba Instructor for PADI,NAUI, and SSI in 2005. In 2008 he took his first freediving class with Performance Freediving International. After that course on his days off he didn’t want to go scuba diving he wanted to go freediving, and realized his passion was freediving. In 2009 Ted took PFI’s first official Instructor program, and immediately started working for PFI helping Kirk Krack and Mandy Rae-Kruckshank teach courses all across the USA.

Ted went to his first freediving competition in 2009 as an overweight out of shape scuba instructor and progressed from 80-90ft freediver to 177ft in 3 weeks. After the experience he wondered what he could do if he actually started training. Since that time he broke a USA Freediving record in 2011, won 3 freediving competitions, was selected to be the co-captain of the USA Freediving team in 2012, and his deepest dive is 279ft.

Why choose Immersion

Why Choose Immersion Freediving over the hundreds of newly minted Freediving Instructors

  • Full-time instructor since 2005, with over a thousand students over my career
  • Former USA Freediving Record Holder, Captain of men’s 2012 USA Freediving Team
  • The deepest freedive is 279ft
  • PFI Advanced Freediving Instructor & PFI Instructor Trainer
  • Maximum 5 students per course, no 16+ person freediving courses
  • Immersion Freediving classes have more class, pool, and ocean time than other courses
  • More Time = Better Results
  • Private boat, No dive shop crowds, more time diving & more flexibility to deal with weather
  • The industry leader in teaching Frenzel and developing online pre-course training.

Notable freediving accomplishments

  • April 2009 Passed PFI first official Instructor program.
  • May 2009 1st place men’s overall freediving PFI competition Breathless.
  • May 2011 1st place men’s overall freediving PFI competition Deja Blue 2.
  • October 2011 Broke longest standing USA freediving record at the freediving World Championships in Italy with dynamic apnea swim of 558ft. (170M)
  • Competed head to head against William Trubridge in the Finals of 2011 Freediving World Championships and not surprisingly got crushed.
  • November 2011 Trained with William Trubridge to work on no-fins and Sara Campbell to learn 3 stage mouthful technique.
  • May 2012 Personal best freediving of 279ft (85M) during Deja Blue 3
  • June 2012 selected as men’s captain of 2012 USA Freediving Team
  • February 2013 attained PFI Advanced Instructor and PFI Instructor Trainer, first and only PFI independent instructor to receive this rating
  • May 2014 1st place men’s overall PFI competition Deja Blue 5
  • Jan 2015 started Immersion Freediving online pre-course training system
  • April 2018 awarded Inaugural Dimitris Kollias award for an outstanding job of promoting freediving safety.
  • Appeared on Discovery Channel with Tim Kennedy for T.V. show Hard to Kill

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