Matt Neustadter – PFI Freediver Course

I have been interested in freediving and spearfishing for quite some time and only within the last few months have I given it a try. I would go out on a friends boat with a group of guys who were pretty experienced spearfishermen and watch them get down to 30-50 feet of water and hunt down there while I struggled to get past 20 ft. Frustrated and amazed at what they could do, I decided to look into taking a freedive course. I found Immersion’s course and it seemed like the one to take. So many positive reviews and a friend of mine took the intermediate course and highly recommended it so I signed up.

After taking the course, I could not imagine a better use of the three-day period. Safety is covered just as heavily as the diving tactics and made me realize everything I was doing trying to figure out spearfishing on my own was completely wrong and unsafe. I could go on about all of the worthy aspects of taking this course but I feel the highlight for me was reaching the plate at my personal best depth and the “holy sh*t” moment when I got there COMFORTABLY. I recommend this course to anyone who intends to spearfish, freedive, or just learn proper ocean safety. I know I look forward to taking the intermediate course in the future. So awesome…

Matt Neustadter Immersion Freediving 3 day PFI Freediver April 2015

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