“My name is Michael and I live on a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina.  I have been free diving and spearfishing for about 18 months but never had any formal training or instruction.  In August  2014 I dove with one of Ted’s Immersion graduates, a young man named Sam.  We were diving on one of the many wrecks off NC. The water was beautiful with excellent visibility.  Sam and I were the only free divers on the boat.   I watched from 20’ as Sam dive to 60 feet and then 100’.  I was amazed and asked him how he did it.  He said Ted Harty’s Immersion Free Diving class made all the difference in his ability to diver deeper and stay longer.  So April 2015, I took Ted’s beginning PFI free diver course.  I completed the course and dove to the class maximum 66’ several times.  I wasn’t certain I could do it but by following the methodology that Ted teaches and listening to his expert coaching, I reached depths I had only dreamed of.  Ted’s instruction breaks down the free diving thread into the critical pieces and then he has you learn each piece by reading, demonstration and practice, practice, practice.  If you listen and master the techniques, you will diver deeper and stay longer than you ever have.  However the most important thing Ted teaches in my opinion, is how to free dive safely.  He teaches you how to  prevent problems but also rescue techniques.  Whether it is on the surface or under the water,  we learned how to rescue and resuscitate a diver and we practiced this in the pool and in the ocean every day.  
I was very impressed with Ted personally.  He is committed to each student’s success and goes way beyond most instructors in helping you overcome your individual challenges. He is able to give individual help because he keeps the class size very small.  He also has the “patience of Jobe”.  He is an amazing guy and I learned a tremendous amount about free diving from him.  I highly recommend this course to all free divers – not only will it make you a much better diver, it will make you a safer diver!
Have fun, dive deeper, stay longer, do it safely.”

Michael 2015 April 3 day PFI Freediver Course