I went out on a training day with Immersion Freediving on June 28, 2014. I had previously completed another freediving course a little over a year prior to that with no diving to depth since then. My previous personal best was to 54 feet and was not comfortable or very smooth. 

On this training day there were only 3 divers other than Ted so it really felt like a private lesson. We did a few warm-ups to 10 meters with static at the bottom. This felt fantastic and really gave me a chance to get acclimated to the environment. I never felt rushed since there were so few of us. This pace really helped me to focus on all of the small details of everything one must do to dive deep. I usually only train in pools so my breath holds are not a problem, but clearing my ears is a whole different story.

Taking it slow due to inefficient clearing of my ears I was able to consistently dive to 66 feet which was a new personal best. However, these dives were taking me over a minute to complete which would hinder my progress of hitting my goal of one hundred feet. Ted noticed that there was something wrong with my Frenzel technique (I learned it by reading the article by Eric Fattah). It was not feasible to have a Frenzel lesson in the open ocean so Ted told us that he would give us a class on the boat on the way back to the dock.

The way Ted broke down the Frenzel technique into non-technical segments enabled me to figure out what I had been doing wrong. I believe that using Ted’s advice I will be able to attain my goal of diving to one hundred feet very soon.

Thank you Ted for your patience, expertise and professionalism. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Stephen Durand June Ocean training session 2014