Mark Fisher – PFI Freediver Course

I recently completed the 3 day, Freediver Course with Immersion Freediving and Ted Harty. What a fantastic experience! Three days of continuous, comprehensive information download and personalized, professional coaching. Ted definitely brings a “Leave no one behind” approach and will go the extra mile with you in order to see you safely through his curriculum. The Immersion Freediving courses are literally packed with hard science, anticdotes and the broad experience Ted brings from his personal lessons and success in the world of competitive free diving along with his love of being in the water. The curriculum is well designed and efficient so that no time is wasted from beginning to end. The information is proven, pragmatic and extremely valuable to those who would seek to excel in their free diving medium of choice, be it recreational, spearfishing or an interest in the competitive side.

I have been free diving for a year now and secretly, my greatest fear has been, not for myself but, those I dive with. I have been blessed to have a group of strong, experienced, certified divers who brought me into the sport. I know they have my back. I was the weak link in the area of rescue. What if, in my well intentioned ignorance, I was confronted with a dive buddy blacking out? I had and idea of the do’s and don’ts, and had listened closely to my friends discussions on the topic. Of course, no one plans on having a bad day out but we hear the stories, both of friends being saved and, sadly, lost. Had I been thrown into this scenario previous to completing this class, I might have been lucky enough to get through it with a positive result, but what if I didn’t? What if my mistake or lack of knowledge and experience cost someone their life? …Not the kind of baggage I want to be carrying the rest of my life. This was my secret fear. The good news here is that this is completely preventable. First through situational awareness, knowing the signs to look for. Second, taking swift, decisive action to intervene. We were drilled and drilled on rescue technique until Ted was satisfied that we were all beyond competent to deal with LMC and SWB. These were my most valuable take aways from the class. I am very thankful.

I would say that diver safety is the benchmark at Immersion Freediving. Yes, you will learn to dive deeper and stay longer. Yes, you will learn to be more efficient in the water. You will learn many things. All will vastly enhance your free diving skill set, wether you be brand new to the sport or a seasoned veteran. With Ted, all roads lead to and from expanding your personal limits and living to tell the tale while being an asset to your crew, so that all come home…safe and sound.

Did I mention that the class is just downright fun?? Oh yeah, It is that. You will not regret your time spent with Ted Harty and Immersion Freediving. My word.
…and then there’s Sammy. But, that is a story for another time.

Thank you Ted for sharing your passion with professional integrity.

Mark Fisher August 2015 3 Day PFI Freediver Course

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