I’ve been a certified scuba diver since 1994, but in the last couple years I became very interested in freediving and spearfishing. On my last scuba trip I attended an introductory “resort style” freediving class and got hooked! After coming back home I started researching everything I could on the sport, including reading articles, magazines, books and watching countless YouTube videos. All the information I came across started to become confusing as everyone had a different suggestion or technique and it was getting difficult to decide on who or what to follow. The one consistent that kept popping during my searches was Immersion Freediving – So I made the decision to contact Ted and sign up for his intermediate class, I can’t be more happier that I did! Ted is a highly experienced freediver and outstanding instructor. He eliminated all the confusion I had come across and taught techniques that made sense and are proven to work – He truly cares about each student and puts a tremendous emphasis on safety. The best advice I can give to anyone considering taking Ted’s class is DO IT! Regardless if you’re brand new into the sport or an experienced spearfisher you owe it to yourself and fellow divers to sign up – I’m positive that once you’re done with the training you’ll be just like every other student telling yourself I should have signed up with Immersion Freediving sooner and will be wanting to get your friends to do the same!

Dale Pekel Immersion Freediving Course – August 7, 2015