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What to say about Ted Harty owner of Immersion Freediving… Some may know him by Capt America, Aqua Man, team Captain of the 2012 U.S. freedive team orU.S constant weight record holder. Regardless of how you know of Ted Harty the one thing everyone can agree on is that when it comes to freedive education it’s almost impossible to top his courses. Lets see, a maximum of five students per class, private boat personal one on one attention. Add in an inherent ability to understand each students strengths and weaknesses allowing him to focus on what will help each student improve their technique and achieve their goals.

Ive personally worked with a number of freedive educators over the past few years. IMHO what sets Ted Harty and Immersion Freediving apart is attention to detail and his ability to explain the how and why of freediving in a manor that the average spearfishermen can completely understand. Until I took Ted’s course I never fully understood exactly what was happening with my body when diving and why those things were happening. Information is king even when it pertains to how your body is reacting during a long dive.

Most spearfishermen are FINALLY starting to understand the importance of safety. The safety portion of Teds classes is extremely involved and again focus on the how and why. As spearfishermen, many of the classes available don’t take into account the spearfishing side of freediving. Ted focuses specifically on the habits of spearfishermen and recommends techniques that pertain to US not just competitive free divers on a line.

After incorporating the safety prowls of diving in a two or three man team into our spearfishing trips a few things became obvious. First, you dive MUCH better. The fact that a solid dive partner has your back allows you to fully relax and dive to your potential. Second, you shoot more fish! Many may not agree but spearfishing is a team sport. If your at the end of a dive and see a large grouper moving off as you head up you can tell your partner what direction and re set the next drop. If you hit a fish low and not sure if the shot will hold, your partner can easily and quickly offer a second shot. WHEN the sharks show up you have a guy to watch you ass and vise versa. ALL these thins ad up to a more fin fish filled day…. o-ya.. its a hell of a lot more safe! If when dragging up that agro Cobia you push it a bit to far your partner is right there to make sure your not going to black out. If you do he’s there to secure you and keep you from drowning. Basically, using safe freedive techniques allows you and your friends on the trip to work as a team with a common goal of having more fun, shooting more fish and not dying!!

Jeromy Gamble Owner of Spearing Magazine Private course 2013

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