I had been told that Ted Harty with Immersion Freediving was the go to guy if I was ever interested in learning how to dive, but not being a diver (and I mean never diving) or a “professional” snorkeler (seriously only twice in my life) I never thought I would ever need a freediving instructor.  Needless to say, when I was presented with the “opportunity” (please notice the punctuation) to take a private class it only made sense to take it from Ted, and now I truly understand how exceptional Ted truly is at teaching. Not only was the coursework extremely educational but Ted made it entertaining with personal stories, personal experiences and hands on training.  Never would I have thought that the coursework would leave me wanting more and more knowledge about diving, how the body works and my number one priority how to dive safe and how to be a safe diving partner.

Like I said above, I was not a diver at the beginning of this class, but Ted has so much patience (talking me through a panic attack just to even get my face in the water), he explained what he wanted me to do  step by step and then would demonstrate it, by far the easiest way to learn.  Ted never pushes you, it’s on your schedule, your comfort level and when you’re ready Ted is always right there with you.  Ted gave me such confidence in myself and abilities that there are lessons I learned during this Immersion Freediving course that I will apply to my “above water life”.

I may not be the deepest diver, have the best, or any technique and still have a lot of learning to do, but Ted turned me into a freediver and now I am hooked.  I can’t wait to continue my diving education, increasing my depths, improving my technique and I guarantee I will be doing this only with Immersion Freediving and Mr. Ted Harty, no one else compares and I now understand why he is the best and will be my only recommendation to anyone wanting to learn to dive.

Thank you Ted for truly being excited for what I accomplished over the course of five days, you made me feel awesome about myself and for opening up a whole new world to me.  Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is contagious and I look forward to working with you again.  So stay tuned you have created a monster and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for you I never would have had the “true dive” experience.  Cheers to you and I will see you in the water chasing the most awesome feeling in the world.

Becky Gamble from Spearing Magazine Jan 8-12, 2013