Jamie Guidry – PFI Freediver Course

Hey this is Jamie Guidry, I just completed finished the beginner freediver course with Ted Harty/Immersion Freediving. Some have asked why I took the course and I tell them for the safety. Ted is an amazing instructor and his focus on dive safety is top notch.  He covers every detail from start to stop and makes you do the exercises in repetition so they commit to memory. When you’re in the pool or the ocean, he will give you his undivided attention in order to help you master a skill. The knowledge he shares with you will make you want to come back and improve your diving skills. I have seen personally how Ted will give extra to students that need extra attention. If you’re looking for an instructor that will make you a SAFER, MORE EFFICIENT DIVER, and HELP YOU PUT MORE FISH IN THE BOX then come see Ted Harty at Immersion Freediving.

Jamie Guidry May 2015 3 day PFI Freediver Course

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