If you are into diving without scuba tanks, want to have fun and live to do it again, then I strongly recommend you complete the PFI Freediver Course with Ted Harty’s Immersion Freediving.  Why?  The three day course was very thorough and intelligently designed.  Ted’s style was to layer the delivery of content from simple to a more complete explanation and finally to a demonstration.  The small class size allowed us to then work on perfecting our technique of how we prepare for, execute and then recover from the dive.  I am one who is very comfortable in the ocean with over 45 years of competitive swimming, abalone diving, spear fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.  After completing Ted’s course I have come to realize how lucky I am to be alive because of my improper technique.  My biggest take away was how to handle safety for oneself and our dive buddy.  The next big take away dealt with how to go deeper and stay down longer.  The opportunity to have immediate feedback on our dives and rescues allowed me to feel even more comfortable in the ocean.  Whether a veteran or rookie in the water I am certain a student will feel the course was well worth the money.  With the course fees, airfares, hotel stay and food we did spend a little bit of money.  But really, what is your life worth??  With all the choices  I am glad I selected Ted’s course.  The location was perfect, the class small, the meeting and dive sites convenient, and I had a lot of fun.  Finally, I was very impressed with Ted’s high standards, professionalism and patience.  Don’t consider going to his course, just “do it”!  Next year for me will be the Intermediate Course.

Greg Yepez 3 day PFI Freediver course  2014 October