Ted’s class was awesome. I took the 4 day intermediate class. It was intense and provided a ton of information. However the information was repeated enough for you to absorb all the material. The class training was again reinforced in the pool and in the ocean.

I’ve been freediving and spearfishing for a few years. I was self-taught using pieces of conflicting information from other divers and the internet.  This resulted in never getting much better at freediving and not being very safe. This class changed that, big time. I now have a very specific set of skills that I can practice over and over so I no longer overthink what I’m doing and can focus on the dive or the hunt.
When I started the class my PR was 50’ and by the end my PR was 115’.

Lastly, Ted is all about safety and this is one of the biggest reasons I took the course. I was never sure if I was being safe when I was diving or if I was rolling the dice. This class definitely provided the information and safe diving practices I was looking for.

Brian Russell July 2013 Intermediate Freediver Course