“What to say about Ted Harty owner of Immersion Freediving… Some may know him by Capt America, Aqua Man, team Captain of the 2012 U.S. freedive team orU.S constant weight record holder. Regardless of how you know of Ted Harty the one thing everyone can agree on is that when it comes to freedive education it’s almost impossible to top his courses.”
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Jeromy Gamble
Owner of Spearing Magazin – Private course


“I just finished Ted Harty’s Intermediate Freediver Course, and it was one of the most content-rich, empowering, and exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had.

Being a recreational athlete for over 50 years (I’m 63), I was a little cautious about what risks would exist throughout 3 days of ocean diving (it’s a 4 day course)”

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Bill Kyser
Owner Special Forces Training Academy – Intermediate Course

“I live and dive, 99% in Ontario, Canada, mostly in the St. Lawrence river, the 1000 islands region. I had found freediving and spearfishing on the Internet, 2 years prior, and had ” self-taught” myself how to do it, or so I thought. Sure, I bought the stuff, and read Spearing magazine, shot fish, and dove holding my breath to do it, but that was the extent of my “knowing “, ANYTHING about safety, physiology, and techniques important to staying alive in this game.”
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Cary Gibson
PFI Intermediate Course

“If, like me, you’re mainly a spearfisherman, you’ll learn a lot of things that also apply to spearfishing. In fact, everything you’ll learn applies to spearfishing as well. More than anything, if like for me this is your first freediving course, you need to approach it with an open mind: not only most (if not all) of what you learn will directly translate into spearfishing, but the approach Ted teaches is likely radically different from anything you’ve known or done so far.”
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PFI Intermediate Course

“It seemed like this was going to be a no brainer. I would just need to train to hold my breath longer. While the theory and safety aspects of the class were easy to pick up, there was one fundamental skill required in order to be a free diver that completely eluded me. The Frenzel Technique of clearing your ears. All the other divers were able to pick it up so easily. It seems my years of experience actually put me at a disadvantage. Evidently my body had naturally found a way to equalize in the past and I had been using it habitually for 38 years.”
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Heather Stone
PFI Freediving Course

“First of all just to give a little background about my “freediving” prior to taking the course, I would have called myself a pretty serious spear-fishermen for the last 3-5 years diving fairly comfortably at depths ranging from 10-65feet. I had reached depths just over 80 feet on my own and by no means had any sort of comfortable hunting time there and had a personal best static breath hold of just over 3 minutes. ”
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Justin Baker
PFI Intermediate Freediver Course

“Many participants of PFI courses taught by Ted Harty have written about his skill in the water, where he indeed is like a “merman:” amazingly, Ted goes down with each diver on every dive, giving feedback during the dive if possible via signals or sounds, and right after surfacing (well, he does wait for you to do the “cleansing” breaths). During the pool time and ocean dives, he proves to be an extremely patient instructor—even when someone like me keeps making the same mistake over and over, say looking down on the descent…”
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Jesus Illundain
PFI Intermediate Course

Past Testimonials

Taylor – PFI Freediver Course

Hey Ted, Thanks for a great weekend. My initial interest in taking your course was all about increasing my bottom time while spearfishing, however, the more I thought about it my goals changed. My primary reason for attending your 3 day beginner course was now to make myself a safer free dive spearfisherman and did I ever attend the right class! I came away after 3 long days of classroom, pool and ocean sessions feeling very good about what I had learned. I have been a certified scuba diver / spearfisherman since 1968 and I learned more in 3 days than I have in the last 47 years and I thank you! I am very confident that I would now be able to use the training you provided to save someone in the event of a LMC or Blackout.

In regard to my increased bottom time, I now have the techniques needed to improve in this area but also understand there was no “ trick “ or special tip to make this happen overnight. However, with regular practice using the tools you gave me I am confident that over time I will substantially improve in this area as well. All I can say is the time , effort and money I spent to spend 3 days in your course was more than worth it and I would highly recommend specifically for anyone interested in taking this type of course to choose Immersion. Thanks again! Taylor

Taylor October 2015 3 day PFI Freediver course

William Larbiee – PFI Intermediate Freediving Course

I really want to thank you and let you know how appreciative I am for what you’ve done for me and what you’re doing for the sport. 

It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, another hardheaded spearfisherman, another course…another group next week. But you’re changing peoples lives and in all honesty …you’re saving them as well.

As exhausted as I was driving home it was only dwarfed by the excitement that I was feeling. I hit 100′ and 115′ with ease and that desire to see how far I can actually go has been on my mind nonstop. I would like to talk with your more at some point about serious training. 

I know that my course was free, your time and energy were donated….all in an attempt to make me not only a better diver but a safer one. I want you to know that your time and energy was not wasted. 

It takes a special and unique person to be able to teach others. To have the personality and patience to deal with them….to get through to them….day in and day out…especially in difficult conditions….such as the ocean. 

I learned a TREMENDOUS amount and I am excited to push myself further! If there is anything I can help you with (you mentioned about expanding your website, help you out at your booth at Blue Wild, etc) please let me know! 

Thank you again Ted. I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

William Larbiee Sept 2015 PFI Intermediate Freediving Course

Rachel Wells – PFI Freediving Course

To say that we enjoyed Ted Harty’s freediving course would be a complete understatement. My fiancee, Stephen, and I share a deep love for the ocean and have been looking forward to this course since we first heard about it a couple years ago. In just 3 days, this course has completely shifted our lives and changed our perspectives on diving. Ted’s passion for SAFE and effective freediving clearly shines through with his teaching. He is knowledgable, too the point and seriously funny as hell. He made extremely essential safety techniques and procedures easy and fun to learn. Any and all education should be this easy, especially one of such importance. I am so glad that we chose Immersion Freediving and would recommend that anyone who enjoys being in the water, should take this course! 68ft never felt so gooood! Looking forward to the intermediate course next!

Rachel Wells Sept 2015 3 day PFI Freediving Course

Ben Crayton – PFI Intermediate Course

I wouldn’t describe myself as a cynic. However, it would be fair to say that I can be a bit skeptical when it comes to products or services offering dramatic results in a short amount of time.

I grew up scuba diving, and am very confident as a swimmer. I have spent a lot of time on and in the water, either running to and from the Bahamas, fishing, or lobstering/spearing. Because of my comfort level on the water, I didn’t think there was going to be anything revolutionary in the freediving course. I felt confident that I could simply spend more time in the water, continue to practice holding my breath, and eventually I would reach deeper depths and more bottom time.

I came into the course with a static apnea of 2:30 and could dive to about 40 feet. However, those 40 foot dives were a strain. My “training” simply involved more static apnea session on the couch trying to get a longer breath hold. I changed nothing about the actual dive itself. I thought the key to this whole sport was being able to hold your breath the longest. I had no idea that the initial entry, kicking form, and pace played such a critical role. I also had no idea how close I was to blacking out, or having a loss of motor control when surfacing from those straining dives.

At the end of the day, this course is not a magic trick, or quick tip/secret. In Ted’s own words, if you want 10 more seconds on the bottom, swim straight down rather than at an angle (something I had never done before). However, if you want to completely break down, and subsequently rebuild, the way you dive, breath, and prepare, then this course is for you. It seems like a short amount of time, but there is a lot of work to put in over those three days. The results you achieve are going to be solely dependent on how hard your work in the course, and your willingness to listen and change everything about your diving. If you put in the effort you will be rewarded with the results.

In the pool session I maxed out the course with a static apnea of 3:30. By the end of the second ocean session Ted had gotten all of us to 66 feet (max for the course), and those dives were a breeze. Coming in, I expected the breath hold on a 66 foot dive to be an issue. I was surprised by how calm and easy those dives became. Ted provides his students with all the tools needed to enter the dive in a relaxed state, and take down much more oxygen than you have ever been able to before.

One of the greatest benefits to this course may seem obvious, but is still worth noting. It is invaluable to be surrounded by a group of like minded individuals who are interested in the sport, and also want to dive safely. I can’t tell you how many times my friends, family, or co-workers would say, “Oh, you mean like snorkeling,” when I tell them about freediving. It was awesome to share the experience of this course with the group. The ups, downs, struggles, and successes were all collaborative, and it was just as exciting when the entire group hit 66 feet, as when I hit it personally. I also now feel plugged in to a new community of like-minded freedivers, which I did not have access to prior to the course.

Consider this to be my long-winded, and emphatic endorsement of Immersion Freediving. I will absolutely be harassing friends and family members involved in the sport to take the course, and hope to take the intermediate course in the next few years. I did a lot of research on various courses around Florida, and am very glad I decided to work with Ted Harty and Immersion Freediving. I would recommend this course to anyone who asks. It was an incredible experience, and Ted is an awesome instructor.

Ben Crayton Sept 2015 4 day PFI Intermediate Course

Ryan McClellan – PFI Freediving Course

I just completed my 3-day Freediving Course at Immersion Freediving. Ted Hardy is an amazing instructor and provided more information and education than I could ever imagine in a single course. The class size is small, which means that everyone gets one-on-one instruction and feedback through the entirety of the course. Ted is constantly there to give you direct feedback, encouragement and show you how to improve your skills through every dive and exercise. If you are thinking about taking a freediving course, pick a date and do it, you will not regret it!

Ryan McClellan August 2015 3 Day PFI Freediving Course

Dale Pekel- Freediving Course

I’ve been a certified scuba diver since 1994, but in the last couple years I became very interested in freediving and spearfishing. On my last scuba trip I attended an introductory “resort style” freediving class and got hooked! After coming back home I started researching everything I could on the sport, including reading articles, magazines, books and watching countless YouTube videos. All the information I came across started to become confusing as everyone had a different suggestion or technique and it was getting difficult to decide on who or what to follow. The one consistent that kept popping during my searches was Immersion Freediving – So I made the decision to contact Ted and sign up for his intermediate class, I can’t be more happier that I did! Ted is a highly experienced freediver and outstanding instructor. He eliminated all the confusion I had come across and taught techniques that made sense and are proven to work – He truly cares about each student and puts a tremendous emphasis on safety. The best advice I can give to anyone considering taking Ted’s class is DO IT! Regardless if you’re brand new into the sport or an experienced spearfisher you owe it to yourself and fellow divers to sign up – I’m positive that once you’re done with the training you’ll be just like every other student telling yourself I should have signed up with Immersion Freediving sooner and will be wanting to get your friends to do the same!

Dale Pekel Immersion Freediving Course – August 7, 2015

Mark Fisher – PFI Freediver Course

I recently completed the 3 day, Freediver Course with Immersion Freediving and Ted Harty. What a fantastic experience! Three days of continuous, comprehensive information download and personalized, professional coaching. Ted definitely brings a “Leave no one behind” approach and will go the extra mile with you in order to see you safely through his curriculum. The Immersion Freediving courses are literally packed with hard science, anticdotes and the broad experience Ted brings from his personal lessons and success in the world of competitive free diving along with his love of being in the water. The curriculum is well designed and efficient so that no time is wasted from beginning to end. The information is proven, pragmatic and extremely valuable to those who would seek to excel in their free diving medium of choice, be it recreational, spearfishing or an interest in the competitive side.

I have been free diving for a year now and secretly, my greatest fear has been, not for myself but, those I dive with. I have been blessed to have a group of strong, experienced, certified divers who brought me into the sport. I know they have my back. I was the weak link in the area of rescue. What if, in my well intentioned ignorance, I was confronted with a dive buddy blacking out? I had and idea of the do’s and don’ts, and had listened closely to my friends discussions on the topic. Of course, no one plans on having a bad day out but we hear the stories, both of friends being saved and, sadly, lost. Had I been thrown into this scenario previous to completing this class, I might have been lucky enough to get through it with a positive result, but what if I didn’t? What if my mistake or lack of knowledge and experience cost someone their life? …Not the kind of baggage I want to be carrying the rest of my life. This was my secret fear. The good news here is that this is completely preventable. First through situational awareness, knowing the signs to look for. Second, taking swift, decisive action to intervene. We were drilled and drilled on rescue technique until Ted was satisfied that we were all beyond competent to deal with LMC and SWB. These were my most valuable take aways from the class. I am very thankful.

I would say that diver safety is the benchmark at Immersion Freediving. Yes, you will learn to dive deeper and stay longer. Yes, you will learn to be more efficient in the water. You will learn many things. All will vastly enhance your free diving skill set, wether you be brand new to the sport or a seasoned veteran. With Ted, all roads lead to and from expanding your personal limits and living to tell the tale while being an asset to your crew, so that all come home…safe and sound.

Did I mention that the class is just downright fun?? Oh yeah, It is that. You will not regret your time spent with Ted Harty and Immersion Freediving. My word.
…and then there’s Sammy. But, that is a story for another time.

Thank you Ted for sharing your passion with professional integrity.

Mark Fisher August 2015 3 Day PFI Freediver Course

Daniel Ash – PFI Intermediate Course

I have been free diving and spearfishing for about 3 years and I would say in the last year I really have had the desire to start diving deeper. I made it my New Years resolution to freedive 100 feet and thanks to Ted Harty’s class I was able to check that goal off my list! Before my class my max depth was 60 feet and I was limited by my equalization technique and comfort level and after his course I hit 115 feet! I was truly impressed with Ted’s teaching technique and everything was a gradual increase slowly building technique and comfort. This class exceeded my expectations! Ted has not only made me a much safer diver but a much deeper diver. I would recommend novice to experienced divers to take his course. It will forever change the way you dive.


Daniel Ash

Daniel Ash July 2015 4 day PFI Intermediate course

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