Nick Mevoli – Ocean Training Session

(Nick is now a US freediving record holder after his dive to 300ft!  Great job Nick!)

Hands down one of the BEST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE. As I drifted down in sink faze Ted’s words echoed, “If you have the proper head position you should be able to see the surface.” I tucked a bit more and the surface world revealed to me upside down was rippling with wind cresting waves rocking my buddies in its pitch and roll near the floats and here dives Ted to meet me at depth with a GoPro in one hand and his ever watchful eyes on me. And as the first time passing my previous bench mark of 30meters I could feel the weight of water really start to press in on my rib cage, again Ted’s words came to mind, “like a Pilsbury dough boy, soft.” Refering to the stomach and diaphgm, I relaxed and allowed it to be pressed in by the pressure, grouper calling up another mouth fill to equalize I wasn’t worried by the lack of space in my lungs or the void they would leave behind because I had Ted’s training and teaching about the pysiology of what was happening to my body ingrained in me. From day one in his class I knew the way I would dive would never be the same and since then it has evolved in such a positive way that I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have taken Ted on as my private coach training for the last three weeks and I have seen my performances increase significantly in that time. Goals that I set day dreaming at work turn into reality when I get in the pool or ocean. Ted’s thorough detail on safety, technique and hands on advice is priceless to those like me who want to excel in the sport of freediving. He really has the power to teach and motivate you to the next level.

Nick Mevoli Feb 25, 2012 Ocean Training Session

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