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The Inner Circle is a members only section of the website that contains educational freediving content.  My students get access to exclusive videos in order to get them ready for their upcoming class with Immersion Freediving.

I also sell freediving educational videos in the store that can be access via the Inner Circle once purchased.

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Road Map to Frenzel

Road Map To Frenzel (BETA TEST)   I ran my first Skype equalizing session back in 2010. Since 2010 I have successfully taught over 500 people how to properly equalize by using the frenzel method.  This video series contains the exact steps that I use during my Skype sessions.  If you are watching this series […]

About Immersion Freediving

Immersion Freediving was founded in 2010 with the goal of offering the most comprehensive freediving courses on the market, while teaching students to dive deeper, stay longer, and most importantly become safer. My approach is to take the skills that I have developed as a 279ft competitive free diver and modify those techniques so they are applicable to a recreational freediver or spearfisherman. I will fundamentally and permanently alter your approaching to freediving by showing you the Immersion way.

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