Just this past weekend I completed the Intermediate Freediver Course with Ted Harty, Immersion Freediving. Before the class even started I was anxious to begin as I had heard nothing but good things with story after story of students beating their personal bests on breath holds and max depths. Going into the course I had a max static hold of 2:45 and a max depth of 80′, which I did not feel comfortable at by any means.

During the course it was amazing how much we learned even on the first day of lecture and pool session, especially with regards to safety. It is a bit humbling to find out that after freediving for over 20 years, I was risking my life each time I went out. I can now say, after constant practice throughout the course, I am a much safer diver and I have acquired the skills to save my dive buddies from a potential life threatening blackout whether at the surface or at depth.

Its unbelieveable looking back at the amount of knowledge you can gain and how much improvement is possible in Ted’s course. The small classes, organization, private boat and Ted’s teaching style make everything easy to understand and it is a pleasure learning from someone who has not only accomplished so much in the sport but also is visibly happy to be sharing his knowledge with his students. Some of which he has coached on to break records.

After all was said and done I went from a 2:45 breath hold and 80′ personal best max depth, to a 5:20 breath hold and a 100′ max depth. Not only did I hit 100′, I felt very comfortable there with the ability to go deeper. Bottom line is, if you are looking to not only increase your freediving ability but also become a much safer diver while doing so, look no further than Ted Harty’s course with Immersion Freediving….

David Collier June 2013 Intermediate Freediver Course