I took Ted Harty‘s Immersion Freediving 4 day Intermediate class this past weekend. What a break through in my Freediving. I’ve been very limited the past few years since I took my first freediving course elsewhere, max depth of 35 feet with discomfort in my ears and a max static of 3 minutes. I couldn’t touch the plate at 66 feet. After 4 days of hands on training with Ted and a personal 1 on 1 Skype session with him, I properly learned the Frenzel and was diving with it 3 days later. After 4 days with Ted, I Increased my static breathhold to 4 minutes and hit 73 feet. I was so comfortable and relaxed at 73, it was like I was at 5 feet and came up with plenty of air after every dive. The only reason I didn’t hit 100 was because I didn’t learn to properly Frenzel until the last day at the end. His class sizes are small, and extra time in the ocean ensures retention of what you learn. Not only am I confident I can dive deep and relaxed now, but I’m properly trained with the skills to rescue any Freediver in most situations. Ted’s course definitely made me a more aware diver and I am confident and more relaxed in the ocean now. His class was worth every penny. I learned more in 4 days with Ted than my last 2 years of Freediving experience. Thank you immersion Freediving.

Danny Henson July 2015 4 day PFI Intermediate course