Read Conner’s Impression of his course with Immersion Freediving

I’ve been fishing ever since I was a child and coming to south Florida to do so for the past 10 years. I got the opportunity to move here upon graduation of college and did so immediately. After a few years of fishing on my buddies boats I got a turn to get in the water and spearfish, right away I was intrigued.

After a few trips, I quickly realized I had no technique, couldn’t hold my breath and was unsafe. My buddy of mine told me “Dude just go take Immersion freediving with Ted”. That was in November 2016 and I put my gun down for the winter and signed up for Teds first class in spring 2017.

Coming into Ted’s class I hadn’t been diving in months, and when I was diving it was no more than 20-30 feet and holding my breath for a minute. I went in with an open mind and to just do what Ted said. (I recommend this attitude if you plan on spending the money)

We started out in the classroom for the first day where we all quickly learned about the seriousness of blacking out and I took the biggest breaths of my life . After more practicing we headed to the pool where we started exercising the breathing and things we learned in class. Overall a good day 1 with a lot of information. Day 2 we got back in the pool to brush up on what we had learned then headed to the ocean. In the ocean things get a bit more serious as you drop the plate down and begin diving to it. To my surprise after holding my breath well over 2 minutes I was having trouble hitting 33 feet comfortably. When I surfaced Ted pulled me aside and reminded me that I have the breath hold to dive 100ft. He explained to me that I needed to slow down and control my body and mind and remain calm. (There is no rush or pressure in this course you go at your own pace) The next dive I went to 33 feet comfortably, and the following dives to 50ft comfortably the rest of the day. The third day arrived and we completed the necessary safety actions to get certified and complete the course. I finished the course diving calmer and more comfortable and hit the max depth of 66 feet.

Overall the course was well worth the money. I came in wanted to be safer, hold my breath longer, and dive deeper. I got all this and much more. Ted is dialed in and a great instructor, the course was very organized. Watch the videos, listen to Ted, and you’ll come out a better safer diver.

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