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Read Conner’s Impression of his course with Immersion Freediving

I’ve been fishing ever since I was a child and coming to south Florida to do so for the past 10 years. I got the opportunity to move here upon graduation of college and did so immediately. After a few years of fishing on my buddies boats I got a turn to get in the water and spearfish, right away I was intrigued.   After a few trips I quickly realized I had no technique, couldn’t hold my breath, and was unsafe. My buddy of mine told me “Dude just go take Immersion freediving with Ted”. That was in November 2016 and I...

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Long time Spearfisherman William Larbie describes how Immersion will help you improve your spearfishing

    William  Laribee has been spearfishing for 12 years.    He has taken the 3 freediving courses over the years. He explains how this course was this best course he has taken and how it directly translates to helping him become a better & safer spearfisherman.   Dive Deeper, Stay Longer & Become Safer Immersion Freediving Because Every Breath Counts More time = Better Results Ted Harty          ...

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December Discount on all 2017 Immersion Freediving courses

      Sign up and pay for any 2017 3 day PFI Freeidver course with Immersion Freediving before Jan 1, 2017 and get $50 off your course. Sign up  and pay for for any 2017 4 day PFI Intermediate Freedviving course with Immersion freediving before Jan 1, 2017 and get $100 of your course. Every course will sell out 3-5 months in advance just like last year.  By signing up now you guarantee you can get in the program and you can save some cash!     Why choose Immersion Freediving over the hundreds of newly minted freediving...

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About Immersion Freediving

Immersion Freediving was founded in 2010 with the goal of offering the most comprehensive freediving courses on the market, while teaching students to dive deeper, stay longer, and most importantly become safer. My approach is to take the skills that I have developed as a 279ft competitive free diver and modify those techniques so they are applicable to a recreational freediver or spearfisherman. I will fundamentally and permanently alter your approaching to freediving by showing you the Immersion way.

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