The information contained in this website is NOT intended to be a substitute for proper training.  All aquatic activities, especially breathhold freediving, are dangerous and expose participants to inherent risks of drowning, serious injuries, illnesses and death.  For the safety and enjoyment of each individual diver, regardless of experience or training, the individual diver is ultimately responsible to always use his or her best judgment to minimize risk of injury, illness and death.  Information presented is intended exclusively for educational purposes and is not a substitute for proper training by a certified freediving professional.  Do NOT attempt freediving without proper training, equipment, physical conditioning and skill.  Failure to heed this warning may result in death.  The authors, publisher and presenters of the freediving techniques presented in this website assume NO LIABILITY to anyone for any loss, injury, illness or death arising from information contained in this website.  Good judgment, careful risk assessment, continued training, proper physical conditioning and possessing the necessary skills obtained through certified instruction may lessen your chances of a freediving accident, but are never a guarantee of a completely risk-free freediving activity. As a condition to access to these freediving techniques, the participant agrees and acknowledges that he/she releases and holds harmless the authors, publishers and presenters for any loss, injuries, illness and/or death which occurs while freediving.