Immersion Freediving Policy

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Missed Ocean session policy

I typically only run courses from May to October as these are the months in Fort Lauderdale that have the least amount of wind and the calmest ocean conditions all year.

My Freediver (level 1) course typically has 2 ocean sessions.  I will have a captain booked the 4th day typically Monday so if we miss a session due to weather we can make up on Monday. If we miss an ocean session and need to use Monday to complete the course you would be charged the same $60 plus tax rate.

Ideally, I prefer 2 ocean sessions to finish the level 1 course,  but I can typically finish the certification in one ocean session if needed. If we finish the course in 1 ocean session, the course is considered complete and you would only be charged for 1 ocean session, and the course would be finished.

If we don’t miss any ocean sessions Monday turns into an optional speargun training session. Here we would go through a full stretching session on the dock focusing on the most powerful exercises competitive freedivers use to improve their freediving.  While in the ocean students will be learning Jeromy Gamble’s owner of Spearing Magazine method of combining the Immersion entry with his technique of taking the gun down to depth while staying completely streamlined.

This will help my spearfishing students better understand how to combine what they learn in my program with spearfishing.  This is an optional speargun training session and costs $149 plus tax.

The Monday session with either be used to finish the course due to a missed session OR used as optional speargun session, not both, one or the other.

If this speargun session doesn’t happen due to bad weather or the fact that we missed a session on Saturday and Sunday,  you will not be charged the $149 and this session will not be made up as its entirely optional.

If we are not able to finish the course due to weather I will schedule make up sessions.  As long as I can get 3 or more students on the boat students will be charged $65 plus tax. If I’m not able to get other students I can do a private ocean session Monday-Friday on days I’m available for $225.

Feel free to email me @ with any questions.

Ted Harty




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