I’m very excited to be close to launching the Road Map to Frenzel video series. For those that know me, I have been talking about this for a LONG time!  I’ve filmed 7  of the videos so far, roughly 45 minutes of content.  It will likely be 12 videos with roughly 2 hours of content.  Every thing I know about how to do frenzel will be in the video series.  Will be launching in December 2017.




Here is the article I referenced in the video.  I wrote this for Spearing Magazine on the myth of I know my limits and I don’t push myself.  It contains a video of a real spearfisherman having a blackout on the way to the surface, as well as a video of one my students rescuing a spearfisherman from a blackout.   www.Immersionfreediving.com/blackout


Tuesday Tip #1 How to test if you are overweighted http://bit.ly/2vLfTSp

Tuesday Tip #2 Why you should be close enough to grab http://bit.ly/2unfz91

Tuesday Tip #3 Why you should remove your snorkel why freediving http://bit.ly/2ws0lB2

Tuesday Tip #4 For your buddy who gets sick on the boat but is not “sea sick” http://bit.ly/2uncHZP

Tuesday Tip #5 Myth of I know my limits I don’t push myself http://bit.ly/2vjG68s

Tuesday Tip #6 Why use a float line in dirty water http://bit.ly/2wrIpGK

Tuesday Tip #7 How to stop losing your buddy http://bit.ly/2wG1ZhE

Tuesday Tip #8 Tips for the ears http://bit.ly/2vMZbDa

Tuesday Tip #9 What does a surface freediving blackout look like http://bit.ly/2umZLqF

Tuesday Tip #10 Freediving diets vs proper preparation for a spearfishing trip http://bit.ly/2vMPa8P


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