Immersion Freediving at Your Dive Shop

Every dive shop owner knows the way to sell scuba gear is to teach scuba classes.It is the same thing with freediving.I’ve seen many dive shops try to capture the exploding freediving market by putting some long blade fins on the wall,a couple of freediving masks, and maybe a freediving suit. Most of the time the gear just sits on the shelf because you are not known as a freediving shop.

Benefits of having the Immersion Team at your shop.

  • If you have freediving classes you will sell freediving gear.
  • By providingfreediving education in a market where that is hard to find, you will become known as the freediving shop in your area.People will point to your shop and say, “That’s where I learned to freedive.”
  • Your store will be able to successfully target this growing market.
  • Get freedivers interested in going on your boat because your shop understands freedivers.
  • By having some of your staff take the course, they will be able to walk and talk freediving.
  • We are familiar with mostproduct lines.Many lines you currently carry will have some freediving gear that you can use.If interested in bringing a new product line, we can suggest what would be most successful.We also have contacts within the industry that allow you to get a product line in without huge orders. You can just order the masks and fins you need, making it easy to have freediving gear in your store.